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    In February 2017, our Distributors for both Botox and Dysport are increasing our purchase price. As a result, we have also raised our fee per unit on Botox and Dysport. We have tried to keep the increase to a minimum for our patients, by raising our per unit cost the exact same percentage as our purchase price increased. This may raise the cost of your treatment by as little as $6.00, or as much as $20.00, depending on the number of units administered.  


                            2017 Fee                                                                     2016 Fee

    Botox     $13.80 per unit                                                        $13.50 per unit


    Dysport   $ 4.60 per unit                                                         $ 4.50 per unit



    The pre-booking discount program has also been suspended by our representatives from each company due to “Anti-Kickback Laws”;

     Effective Immediately.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, there is nothing we can do or could have done to prevent this, after receiving a one day notice of this law and policy change.



Velashape III


The Optimal Body Contouring Device

VelaShape III is the perfect, non-surgical answer for treating those �??problem areas�?? that cause both women and men to feel displeased about their body image. VelaShape III is a unique treatment with no downtime and provides comfortable, deep therapeutic body contouring results for fat, cellulite, and loose skin.

Powered by elōs technology, VelaShape III combines IR (infrared), bi-polar RF (radiofrequency) and vacuum to precisely heat the tissue up to 3mm and 15mm deep..

The combination of IR and vacuum coupled RF technologies causes deep heating of the fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective fibrous septae and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved by higher output of the RF. The optimal design of the electrodes and the concurrent application of vacuum allows for deeper and faster heat penetration. In turn, this promotes an increase in circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and collagen depositing. Furthermore, it stimulates fibroblast activity and remodels the extracellular matrix.

RESULT: A localized reduction in skin laxity, volume and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.