Patient Testimonials

"I have been seeing Lisa P., the R.N., for almost two years now and she is amazing. Her work is very natural; she is very thoughtful and careful always. I really don't want to go to anyone else. She's the best! Thank you Dr. Pletsch and Lisa P."

Signed, SMD


To Dr. Marie Pletsch:

I would like to thank you for agreeing to see me after making the decision to go to Costa Rica for plastic surgery. The money I "saved" was absolutely not worth the inability to communicate or know my surgeon both pre- and especially post-op. When issues and questions developed I basically had no one to turn to even though I stayed for 12 days after the surgery. To me your experience, compassion, and expertise are truly priceless and any and all future needs regarding cosmetic surgery and treatments will be with you and your office only! Thank you!

A Difficult Lesson Learned


Marie Pletsch, M.D., and her staff are Five Star!

My name is Barbara and I am a 61 year old woman, who recently retired as a management professional. I selected Dr. Pletsch to perform an abdominoplasty and facelift for me. I chose Dr. Pletsch, after considering several other surgeons in Santa Cruz, san Jose, Saratoga, and Los Gatos.

Besides her stellar experience and credentials, she has a long track record of many former patients, including me, returning to her, for additional surgical services or those of her medical spa staff. While in her waiting room, I have seen patients of all ages, as well as women and men.

She is exceptionally highly trained and has a wealth of surgical experience. She definitely cares about achieving the best possible outcome for her patients. Her experience and skill were evident to me in the successful results I received from the two surgical procedures she performed on me.

She is a considerate professional, who discusses the patients' desired outcomes and various alternatives. She and her staff are committed to helping the patient throughout the process. Dr.Pletsch is totally engaged with the patients post surgery healing, even coming into the office on a Saturday to check on her surgical patients and by making herself available at all times.

Her nursing and aesthetician staff, as well as the patient care coordinator services, are also excellent. They are a wonderful team of professionals, who provide exemplary, medically supervised maintenance services for me on an ongoing basis in the areas of Matrix skin rejuvenation, facial fillers, Botox, and deep cleaning facials.

If I desire additional cosmetic or reconstructive services, I would most certainly see Dr. Pletsch, as I am very pleased with the results of my surgical procedures and think I look much younger than my 61 years. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, as I have complete trust and confidence in Dr. Pletsch.

Barbara W.


After losing 130 pounds, it was clear that I wanted to have a breast/lift reduction and tummy tuck. I was skeptical at first but Dr. Pletsch and her office staff not only gave me raving results but treated me with thoroughness and great care. Thank you Dr. Pletsch's office for outstanding results and great care.

Sandra G.


I can't say enough about Dr. Marie Pletsch and her staff. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Pletsch was wonderful and so caring and set me at ease. I am very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend Dr. Pletsch to anyone interested in plastic surgery. It was worth my trip from Los Angeles. I would do it over again. Thanks Dr. Pletsch for giving me my new life.

Love, Janina G.


My brilliant cancer surgeon highly recommended Dr. Marie Pletsch to be my reconstruction surgeon at the same time of my mastectomy. The moment I met Dr. Pletsch I felt there was an instant rapport. I felt she understood and that I could truly rely on her as a woman and her expertise. The whole reconstruction process, with Dr. Pletsch and her entire staff was extremely professional and very caring. Dr. Pletsch is not only a superb and brilliant plastic surgeon she also preserved my femininity with extraordinary results.

Thank you, Dr. Pletsch

Sheila H

I met Dr. Pletsch about 5 years ago when I had a breast augmentation in her former office in Santa Cruz. I am very pleased with the results, even this many years later!

I followed her to her new beautiful facility in Scotts Valley and just had my full tummy tuck with muscle repair. From the first pre-op to the follow-up post op, the staff has always been fantastic very friendly and professional. Dr. Pletsch is amazing, a miracle worker for me! My incision is low and straight and my stomach is flat! Recovery was easier than I thought it would be, so very worth the results. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pletsch-I feel better and more confident.

Thank you to everyone at Dr. Pletsch's office for making this such a wonderful experience for me and please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.


My story started six years ago when I found out I had the breast cancer gene BRCA2 (no cancer diagnosed). My mother and mothers' mom had breast cancer. My grandmother had cancer three times. She had radical bilateral mastectomies' leaving her with concavities on her chest and no nipples. My mother had a lumpectomy eight years ago and is okay today. Seeing my mother undergo chemo and radiation was terrifying. She was so sick and weak. The chemicals and radiation beat her body up. I didn't want to go through that. So I made a very big decision and decided to have skin sparing bilateral mastectomies.

I heard good things about Dr. Marie Pletsch and decided to see her. She also was a provider for my insurance which helps out too. I was very nervous about doing this procedure and I had done a lot of research prior to making a life changing decision to my body. Dr. Marie Pletsch provided me with all of the information I needed to know and she felt confident that I would do great. That made me feel better and now it was up to me to make my decision. I had my surgery done March 2009. Over all it went very well. Very little pain. Expanders were placed and filled every week for 4 weeks that was painless. The final reconstructive surgery was done July 2009 and has healed nicely. I am very happy with the results. Important note: Do your research and talk to patients that have undergone this procedure .  I did and it helped.

Jennifer M